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Pueblo Indians & Native Arts - 3 day

Gain a thorough understanding of the Native Pueblo people's history and art on this three day, all-inclusive tour. Beginning and ending in Albuquerque, we visit three distinct tribes, observing traditional art forms through the eyes of the Native artists. Then visit the tourist city of Santa Fe, the epicenter of Southwest Art, in sophisticated galleries selling high-end Native American art. Finally, we stop in Taos to experience a traditional Native American tribe and see how the people have evolved to incorporate modernity.

Pow Wow Gallup Inter Tribal Ceremonial

Oldest Pow Wow & Navajo Nation

Experience dozens of tribes over 5 days at the oldest continuously operated pow wow, the Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial, 2nd weekend in August. With a Native rodeo, dances, parades, demonstrations, and a grand entry every night, this is the best method to see Native America in a short time. Includes day trips to the Navajo Nation Capital, petroglyph hikes on red rock sandstone, traditional meal, horseback riding through sacred canyons, historic trading posts, rug auction, and more. With stops at two Native Pueblo villages, plus an in-depth visit on Navajo Nation, this is a trip not to forget!



Beginning in Albuquerque, New Mexico and ending in Las Vegas, Nevada, we visit four Native American tribes, the Grand Canyon, and a experience a traditional blessing ceremony with a Medicine Man. Camp under the stars, learn how to shoot a gun, ride horses through a majestic river valley, sleep in a traditional Navajo hogan, prepare a meal with a Native family, learn how to weave, watch a silversmith, visit an historic trading post, white water raft on a river, visit petroglyphs, hike into the Grand Canyon, participate in a traditional dance, and more. Each experience is led by a Native American guide. There is no better way to truly experience Native America. Limited seats, small group only. 

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