Black Hill Native Flute Player Taos Pueblo


Experience the intriguing culture of the Taos Pueblo Red Willow people through the lens of a Native host and storyteller while enjoying a traditional Native dinner and listening to the songs and sounds of more than 1,000 years of history. This is an exclusive experience

Enjoy a traditional family-style meal in the outdoors with members of the Taos Pueblo. The meal includes Buffalo stew with wild celery, squash, and beans, Taos Pueblo over bread using 500-year old cooking methods, and atole or blue corn dessert, with Indian tea harvested by hand for a beverage. An interactive flute and drum performance by Black Hill.

Limited seats available. Call 575-224-9518 to book. 


Susan Concha Native Bread Baking Taos Pueblo

Taos PUEBLO Bread Baking: 2:00PM

Learn how to make traditional Native bread with a cultural hands-on bread baking demonstration by Susan Concha of Taos Pueblo. In an exquisite location on private Tribal lands at the foot of Taos Mountain, join Susan to make Taos Pueblo style bread in an horno: the 500 year old outdoor oven that Taos Pueblo people have been using for centuries to craft breads, pies, and even pottery.

Limited seats available. Call 575-224-9518 to book. 


Taos Pueblo

Taos pueblo - Lunch with a Local: 60 minutes

Visit the traditional home of a member of the Taos Pueblo and see how life has been for hundreds of years, without running water or electricity. Over a typical Pueblo lunch, hear the story of the Red Willow People through the voice of a member of the Taos Pueblo. This is a perspective that most don't have the opportunity to experience; interacting directly with a local, seeing their home, and seeing their life. This is not a tour. Approximately one hour in duration. Meets at Taos Pueblo. Does not include $16 admission to Taos Pueblo. 

Limited seats available. Call 575-224-99518 to book.